A good way to dry alfalfa to keep its taste

  Because alfalfa tastes good and most livestock like it, the planting area of alfalfa is expanding and the annual output is increasing. Drying alfalfa forage can effectively improve the cultivation effect in the green and yellow season, and the key to drying alfalfa is to maintain a good taste of alfalfa.

alfalfa dryer

  In the principle of the traditional dryer, high-temperature drying is mainly used, which can easily cause the alfalfa to be too dry, affect the taste, and greatly reduce the color. Based on the characteristics of drying and drying of alfalfa and the main reasons for its popularity, Zhengzhou Dingli can solve the problem of damage to the color and sensitivity of alfalfa in the traditional drying process. Alfalfa straw dryer is also suitable for blue grass, high-quality wheat, fescue, brown leaves, clematis, clover, vetch (save vetch), corns and other materials.

  The drying of alfalfa is the basic requirement to maintain a good taste, but it also requires the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer to ensure it. First of all, it not only meets this requirement, but also meets the characteristics of the alfalfa market. Low energy consumption is also an important requirement of alfalfa dryer customers, so Zhengzhou Dingli quickly expanded the forage drying market by virtue of its environmental protection and low consumption advantages, striving for a large number of high-quality projects.

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