How to invest small cost to get big benefits for sawdust dryer?

  Zhengzhou Dingli has been producing and selling sawdust dryer equipment for more than 15 years. With rich manufacturing experience and advanced production technology, we often see customers asking how to get big benefits with small costs. Next I will introduce you several important factors.

sawdust dryer

  1. Drying quality. Drying quality refers to the uniformity of the initial moisture and drying of the raw materials to be dried to meet the needs of the next processing technology. And it can ensure the integrity of the wood chips, no standard defects in the drying process, and do not reduce the quality of the wood chips and their products.

  2. Drying time. Drying time refers to the time it takes for the same material, the same moisture, and the same amount of sawdust to complete one drying in the dryer.

  3. Drying speed. The drying speed refers to the degree of reduction in the moisture content of the wood chips per unit time. The faster the drying speed, the lower the cost required.

  In the actual production process, the sawdust dryer that can guarantee the above three items is a qualified sawdust dryer. Zhengzhou Dingli sawdust dryer measures the characteristics of sawdust in various areas according to the customer's area, so as to design a work plan suitable for enterprise operation to achieve the purpose of small investment and large profits.

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