Shanxi Yangquan coal slime dryer delivery

Recently, the large-scale coal slime dryer equipment customized by a customer in Yangquan, Shanxi was completed in our company and successfully passed the test run and factory inspection. It has now been loaded and sent to the construction site of the customer's project in Shanxi.

This coal slime dryer equipment is customized by our company according to the needs of Shanxi customers and site conditions. The equipment adopts a scattered feeding and drying system structure to dry the coal slime particles evenly and with a moisture content of less than 15%; Dingli Coal The heat sources of the mud rotary dryer are mainly steam waste heat, natural gas burners, coal-fired burners, gas generators, oil-fired machines and other heat sources. It is equipped with corresponding technically designed dust removal equipment, dry secondary dust removal, dry and wet secondary dust removal, etc. Purification systems such as multi-stage dust removal and wet and dry multi-stage dust removal have low energy consumption and emissions and comply with current environmental protection requirements.

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