How to dry sugarcane bagasse? What is the use after drying?

Bagasse is the dregs produced during sugar cane production and is rich in cellulose and can be used for a variety of purposes. In order to utilize sugarcane bagasse, it must first be dried. The process of drying bagasse is usually carried out using a specialized bagasse dryer. The dryer uses the principle of heat exchange to quickly evaporate and gasify the moisture in the bagasse, thereby reducing its moisture content. The moisture content of dried sugarcane bagasse is usually around 12%, which is convenient for subsequent reprocessing and utilization.

Dried sugarcane bagasse has many uses:

1. Papermaking: Sugarcane bagasse is a good raw material for pulping and papermaking. After drying, the lignin can be degraded through specific process equipment, and the fibers can be separated and used to produce pulp to manufacture paper, cardboard and other products. In addition, sugarcane bagasse can also be used to produce environmentally friendly tableware, such as paper bowls, paper plates, etc.

2. Feed: Through biotechnological processing, sugarcane bagasse can be converted into high-protein feed, providing a nutritious feed source for the livestock industry. However, it should be noted that the palatability of sugarcane bagasse is not good, and the lignin in the insufficiently refined fiber may interfere with the digestive system of ruminants, so this feeding method is not yet popular.

3. Cultivation of edible fungi: Sugarcane bagasse is acidic, so you can add an appropriate amount of lime, gypsum, etc. to increase its alkalinity, and add auxiliary materials with high nitrogen content, such as bran, as raw materials for the production of edible fungi.

4. Biomass fuel: Sugarcane bagasse can be made into biomass fuel through drying and further processing, which can be used as alternative energy in cement plants, power plants, etc.

5. Fertilizer: Bagasse can be converted into fertilizer through fermentation or composting. This method is not only simple to operate and low in cost, but also can effectively prevent the loss of phosphate and increase the water and fertilizer retention properties of the fertilizer.

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