Biomass continuous carbonization machine

Dingli smokeless biomass drum carbonization machine is a new type of carbonization equipment that is efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Carbonized rice husk can be used as fuel or soil conditioner, and one set of equipment can meet both needs.

The biomass drum carbonization machine adopts the technology of recovering, purifying and circulating combustion of methane, carbon monoxide, ethane and other combustible gases generated during the carbonization process of biomass, which solves the environmental impact of the thick smoke generated by ordinary carbonization furnaces during the carbonization project. It not only solves the pollution problem, but also solves the problem of heat energy required by the equipment, fully achieves self-supply and self-sufficiency, improves the continuity and economy of the equipment, makes full use of agricultural and forestry residues, and turns waste into treasure.

Dingli smokeless biomass drum carbonization machine consists of conveyor, high temperature furnace, dust removal, decoking, purification, gas cabinet, power distribution cabinet and other equipment. It is a new type of continuous carbonization equipment that integrates high efficiency, environmental protection and intelligence.

After the biomass material is carbonized by the carbon machine, the carbon content is greatly increased and the combustion effect is good. After the carbon powder is cooled, a forming device can be equipped to process carbon rods, carbon blocks, etc., and activated carbon can also be deeply processed.

Dingli continuous drum carbonization machine is suitable for carbonization of various forestry and agricultural biomass. Such as wood chips, sawdust, bagasse, coffee grounds, bamboo, coconut shells, cherry shells, dates, walnut shells, apricot shells, peanut shells, rice husks, cotton stalks, straw, etc. (note: some raw materials need to be crushed).

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