How to use the Nutshell charcoal machine?

When using a Nutshell charcoal machine, you need to follow the following steps:

Installation: Install the machine in a well-ventilated place and ensure adequate power and water sources. Connect all parts of the machine according to the instructions to ensure normal operation of the equipment.


Usage: Mix the fruit shells and wood residues in a certain proportion and send them to the crusher for crushing. The crushed material is separated into particles of different sizes through a screen. The pellets are fed into the combustion chamber and burned to produce charcoal.

Maintenance: Regularly check the operating status of each component of the machine to ensure normal operation of the machine. In case of failure, stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.
market expectation

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the increasing demand for efficient energy, the market prospects of nutshell charcoal machines are broad. First of all, due to its environmental protection and high efficiency, the fruit shell charcoal machine will be favored by environmental enthusiasts and businesses. Secondly, as the barbecue market expands, the demand for charcoal is also increasing. Nutshell charcoal machines are expected to dominate the market with their high-efficiency production capabilities and low-cost advantages.

In addition, with the continuous advancement of technology, the production efficiency of nutshell charcoal machines will be further improved and the cost will gradually be reduced. This will further enhance its competitiveness in the market and bring considerable returns to investors.

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