Equipment assembly site before delivery: Kenya sawdust dryer project

The wood chip dryer customized by the Kenyan customer in our company has been completed. Before delivery, the equipment will be trial assembled to inspect the quality of the equipment, speed up the progress of equipment installation, and promote the equipment to be put into operation with guaranteed quality as scheduled.

Kenya sawdust dryer trial assembly site

Zhengzhou Dingli Biomass Sawdust Dryer is suitable for wood chips, sawdust, bamboo chips, wood shavings, shavings, barley straw, oat straw, wheat straw, rye straw, rice straw, sorghum straw, corn straw and potato vines 1. Drying of bean stalks (including soybean stalks, broad bean stalks, pea stalks, cowpea stalks, lupine stalks and peanut vines, etc.). Our company can optimize the drying process technology based on the characteristics of each biomass material, output size, application requirements, cost control, and ease of operation.

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