Delivery site: Saudi Arabia sludge dryer project

Recently, the large-scale sludge drying customized by Saudi Arabian customers in our company has been completed, and now it is successfully loaded and sent to the construction site of the Saudi Arabian sludge dryer project

Trial assembly site of Saudi sludge dryer before delivery

The muddy material drying system developed by Zhengzhou Dingli Company is suitable for drying various kinds of sludge with high viscosity. It can dehydrate and dry wet sludge with a water content of about 85% into a dry powder with a water content of less than 10%. The sludge drying system operates under negative pressure and is equipped with an enhanced heat transfer device for direct heat transfer. It is convenient to control the drying moisture of the material, and the operation flexibility is large, which allows the product flow to have a large fluctuation range. The system has few high-temperature mechanical equipment, simple structure, easy cleaning, low failure rate, continuous operation, low maintenance cost and wide application range. The sludge dryer system is widely used in activated sludge drying, sewage sludge drying, petrochemical sludge drying, papermaking sludge drying, printing and dyeing sludge drying, leather sludge drying, electroplating sludge drying, municipal sludge drying Drying of high-humidity materials such as various sludges, bio-fermentation bacteria residues, and various waste residues.

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