Installation site: Vietnam coffee grounds dryer project

Recently, the coffee grounds dryer equipment designed and produced by Zhengzhou Dingli is being installed in Vietnam. The project was undertaken by Zhengzhou Dingli, providing a series of full-process services from project planning, process design, equipment selection, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, etc., to help Vietnam's coffee grounds to be dried, recycled, and reused at high value.

Vietnam coffee grounds dryer construction site

During the operation of the coffee factory, a large amount of coffee grounds will be produced. These coffee grounds are rich in organic matter and crude fiber. After being dried by a dryer, they can be processed into organic fertilizers, biomass fuels, etc., to realize the comprehensive reuse of resources , Improve the economic value of coffee grounds.

Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of coffee grounds dryers, which can provide a complete set of equipment customization services for coffee grounds drying and reuse. It has a large production capacity, complete models, multiple choices of heat sources, and high dust removal configuration to meet the diversified production needs of customers.

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