Indonesia: Potato dregs dryer successfully put into operation

 At present, Zhengzhou Dingli has completed the installation and commissioning of the potato dregs dryer designed and produced for Indonesian customers. After trial operation, all parameters meet the expected production needs of users, and it has been officially delivered to customers for use.

Potato residues have high moisture and viscosity, and are prone to sticking, agglomeration, clogging, black paste and saccharification during the drying process. The cost of drying a ton of potato residues is high and the quality is poor. The "special feed utilization equipment for potato residues" developed by Dingli Company dehydrates, dries, crushes and packs various potato residues with a moisture content of about 80% to less than 12% at one time, and the value of processed potato residues is high. The whole set of equipment is equipped with special devices for dehydration, temperature adjustment, material lifting, material guiding, and dispersing, which effectively avoid the phenomenon of sticking to the wall and clogging. The dried material has clean color, low nutritional loss, energy saving and environmental protection, and is well received by new and old customers.

Potato dregs dryer is suitable for dehydration and drying of powdered dregs such as sweet potato dregs and cassava dregs. It has strong adaptability, a new type of heat source with high heating efficiency, clean and energy-saving, reduced fuel consumption, durable and high-yield equipment, and the drying process is environmentally friendly and low-consumption.

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