How to process food waste into feed?

Food waste to make protein feed. The kitchen waste is sorted, removes impurities, pulverizes, dehydrates, deoils, recovers oil, produces biomass diesel, adds yeast, probiotics, and auxiliary materials, undergoes aerobic fermentation, drying, cooling, packaging, and waste water and waste gas pass through After processing up to standard emissions, the final product is protein feed.

The advantages of Dingli kitchen waste treatment production line:

1. The material operation is closed: the equipment with different functions that make up this complete set of equipment and the material operation between the conveying equipment are all carried out in a fully enclosed state to prevent secondary pollution and reduce the processing and processing of kitchen residues. Odor overflow, slag leakage and reduce noise inside the equipment.

2. The process flow is continuous: This complete set of equipment is a continuous production line from the kitchen leftovers to the bagging and packaging of recycled products, and the materials run in a closed room.

3. Automation of production operations: the various functions of this complete set of equipment are coordinated and coordinated with each other under the unified control of the central control cabinet.

4. The system control is programmed: there is a central control cabinet. The completion process of various equipment functions that make up the production line and the process of mutual work coordination are stored in the computer according to the designed program, and the production is produced according to the program. It is also possible to manually command individual equipment operations, but the manual operation will also be restricted by the control program in the computer.

5. Environmental protection and zero emission: Except for the solid useless materials sorted out by the kitchen waste treatment equipment, which are collected and transported by garbage trucks, all available materials including waste liquids are fully recycled.

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