How to deal with wet slime? What is the purpose of slime?

Because coal slime has many unfavorable conditions such as high moisture, high viscosity, high water holding capacity and low calorific value, it is difficult to achieve industrial application. The new technology of thermal drying makes the treatment of coal slime realize continuous, industrialization and automation.

The moisture content of the slime treated by the professional slime drying process can be reduced from 25% to 28% to about 12%. Due to the introduction of pre-crushing, dispersing, dispersing and anti-sticking processes in the coal slime drying process, the drying efficiency of coal slime has been greatly improved. The dried coal slime can be mainly used in the following aspects: 1. As a raw material to process slime briquette for industrial boilers or residential use; 2. As a fuel for the foundry industry of power plants to improve fuel utilization and reduce production costs Improve economic benefits; 3. As a brick factory additive, improve the hardness and compressive strength of bricks; 4. As a cement factory additive, improve cement performance; 5. Coal slime containing some specific components can be used as chemical raw materials.

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