Another petroleum coke drying project in Hubei was completed and put into production

    Recently, many projects of our company have been completed one after another. Another drying project constructed by our company in Hubei has been completed and put into production. This project is a petroleum coke drying project built by our company for local customers. The following are the scene pictures shared by the staff.


    Petroleum coke dryer is one of our mature products. At present, it is convenient for many customers to dry petroleum coke and other materials. Hubei customers have a large amount of petroleum coke and other materials that need to be dried. After many inspections and comparisons, they have chosen to compare with our company. With the cooperation, our company has built a petroleum coke drying project for customers within the specified construction period. After the equipment is put into production, the customer is very satisfied with the operation of the equipment and the drying effect of the material. In the future, our company will continue to provide services to ensure the interests of customers.

    Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale drying equipment manufacturer with its own R&D center. It is committed to the innovation and research and development of drying technology all year round. Currently, it has cooperated with hundreds of customers in drying projects to jointly promote the development of waste drying and reuse. Multiple customers develop together.

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