Zhejiang slag drying project progress: the equipment is officially loaded and shipped

    The slag drying project that the Zhejiang customer cooperated with me is currently progressing smoothly. After the equipment is completed, our company will arrange the delivery immediately. The main body and accessories of the equipment will be officially shipped after the completion of the loading. The following is the slag drying shot by the staff Pictures of the delivery site of the dryer.

The mineral slag dryer.jpg

    The slag drying equipment of this project is designed and manufactured by our company for the production needs of local customers. The equipment has a large processing capacity and applies the drying process independently developed by the Zhengzhou Dingli technical team. It will bring convenience for customers to process a large amount of slag and other materials. The workshop staff cooperated closely, and the equipment loading work was very smooth. During the loading process, our quality inspectors carefully checked the equipment list to ensure that the equipment and accessories were formally shipped after they were intact.

    The technical team responsible for the installation of the project will also go to the installation site in the near future to carry out the preliminary preparations to ensure that the follow-up work is carried out smoothly. The progress of the project will continue to be followed by logging on to the Zhengzhou Dingli website.

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