Guizhou Xishui corn stalk dryer officially put into production

    Once the Guizhou Xishui straw dryer was commissioned, it was officially put into operation. The following is a live display of the equipment:

corn stalk dryer.jpg

    Dingli three-layer straw drum dryer (patent number: ZL200920089749.2), this equipment has large output, high efficiency, energy saving, and small floor space. It is especially suitable for drying high-moisture materials, such as corn stalks. It can quickly dry the moisture from 65-75% to 14-18% at a time. The dried straw powder completely retains the nutrients of the fresh straw, with bright color and fragrant aroma. Compared with ordinary dryers, it can save energy by 30-50%, and can save energy and drying costs to the greatest extent.

    Suitable for drying elephant grass, alfalfa, wheat straw, barley straw, oat straw, rye straw, rice straw, sorghum straw, corn straw, potato straw and pasture straw with a moisture content of 45% to 75%. According to the characteristics of each material, production scale, quality requirements, application requirements, cost control, automation level, on-site conditions, investment quota to optimize the drying process technology and equipment configuration services.

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