Bangladeshi cassava drying equipment delivered on schedule

     The cassava residue drying equipment ordered by Bangladeshi customers has been delivered smoothly as scheduled.

cassava residue dryer.jpg

    Cassava residue is a by-product of cassava starch extraction. The main indicators include crude fiber, crude ash, and moisture. The dried cassava residue has high nutritional value and is the main additive material for feed processing. Has a relatively extensive application market. The large-scale cassava residue drying equipment manufactured by our company can turn cassava residue into treasure.

    75-85% moisture content material first with special dehydration machine removing a part of moisture, the moisture removed around 68%, then send into the dryer by screw conveyor to realize downstream drying. Under the effect of the inner shoveling plate, materials are taken and scattered constantly, and move in the spiral forward method. Inside mixing blade device will be fully stirred and crushed material, material and hot air through full heat exchange, the rapid evaporation of water vap orization, reaching about 35%, discharged by the screw conveyor, then send into the semi-wet material crusher, crushed material size below 1mm, then into pulse air drying process, within 10-15s the material quickly removed to 10% by the cyclone discharger and Pulse bag dust collector recovery dry powder, exhaust emissions amount to the national standard requirement, to complete the entire drying process. The drum cleaning device is installed inside the drum to prevent the material from adhering to the cylinder wall.

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