How does the biomass continuous carbonization furnace work?

    Environmentally-friendly drum continuous carbonation machine uses the carbonized flue gas purification into combustible gas generated in combustion itself. it can continuous product 24 hours. It has an advantages of zero pollution, zero emission, save labor, high capacity, energy-saving consumption, the high degree of automation and advanced technology. Which is suitable for large-scale production, with high carbonation rate, high carbon production rate, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency advantages.

    This machine is suitable for all kinds of agricultural and forestry biomass charring making. For example, wood shavings, sawdust, wood chip, rice husk, cotton stalk, crop straw, bean curd, etc.

    1.Configuration of the new type gasifier before gas generating.

    2.Configuration of the flue gas purification, heat exchange system, and cooling system. The heating steam transforms into water. The flue gas can be converted combustible gas to recycling use.

    3. Configuration of the cooling discharging machine to cooling the final products, and output the final product.

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