Zhengzhou Dingli signed a contract with a Portuguese customer to order beer yeast dryers

    After the Spring Festival, Zhengzhou Dingli signed an order contract for beer yeast drying equipment with a Portuguese customer. This order is a good start after the Spring Festival of our company. At present, the customer has prepaid the order and the two parties have signed the contract and the friendly cooperation has officially started.

brewery yeast dryer.jpg

    Our company has always paid attention to the development of foreign markets, and our equipment has been settled in Portugal many times. This time our equipment has once again settled in the local area, which demonstrates our company’s core competitiveness in the local drying industry. At present, the various departments responsible for the project have held projects Matchmaking meeting, clarify the responsibilities of each department, refine the division of labor to ensure the orderly development and progress of the project. The project is responsible for the technical team of our company with many years of experience in foreign projects. At present, various departments have started relevant work. During the construction period, our company will build a high-quality beer yeast drying project for Portuguese customers. Interested customers can log on to the Zhengzhou Dingli website to learn about the progress of the project.

    Zhengzhou Dingli Brewery Yeast Drying Equipment is suitable for the drying of various slurries such as yeast, and is especially suitable for the recovery of waste yeast in breweries. Customers in need are welcome to come to the factory to purchase, or call 15324961622 for equipment consultation.

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