Yeast dryer maintenance method to improve service life

    Yeast dryers have become a good helper for many companies in the utilization of waste yeast resources, so how to make the equipment more efficient and longer-term use?

    First of all, the working site of the yeast dryer is generally dusty and easy to accumulate garbage. Therefore, the yeast dryer must be cleaned within a certain period of time, otherwise it will cause safety hazards for a long time.

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    Regarding the operation of the yeast dryer, the two rolling bearing housings should be refueled before each shift, the oil cup should be filled with grease in time, and the sprocket should be lubricated once every 2-3 days and coated with new grease; the lubricating oil in the reducer should be replaced every 6-8 months of machine operation. When replacing the scraper, you can directly pull it out by hand and insert it into the slot of the knife table; when the machine is not used for a long time, the surface of the dryer should be wiped clean and coated with anti-rust oil. When the equipment is put into production, the operator should ensure the correctness of the operation and avoid equipment failure caused by improper operation.

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