What is the moisture content of beet residue? Generally, the moisture content of undehydrated beet residue can be as high as about 80%, which is difficult to store. However, the moisture content of beet residue processed by squeezing dehydrator and tumble dryer can be controlled at about 15%, and the storage period is long. Not degenerate. How much is a beet residue dryer? How much does an extrusion dehydrator cost?

bean residue dryer

    Generally, the screw extrusion dehydrator is used, the price is relatively lower, the dehydration effect is good, and the removal of 20 water is stable. At the same time, it can reduce the cost of sugar beet residue drying and dehydration. The beet residue screw extrusion dehydrator is divided into single shaft and double shaft dehydrator, the model can be customized, and the daily processing capacity is from 10 tons to 100 tons per day and beyond.

    The beet residue dryer is the main machine for deep dehydration, and the moisture content of the dried beet residue is 15%. Zhengzhou Dingli beet residue dryer is divided into steam dryer and gas dryer. It has passed the environmental assessment and has a large daily output and low price. It is mostly used in the processing and production of various dregs feed. There are many user cases, mature technology, and technical solutions. Please consult.

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