Yuanyang sawdust drying project officially put into production

  In September, Zhengzhou Dingli's various projects were proceeding in an orderly manner. At present, another sawdust drying project in Henan was officially completed and put into production. The following is the site of the Yuanyang sawdust drying project.

Yuanyang sawdust drying production line

  The sawdust drying production line is one of Zhengzhou Jiutian’s mature and mature drying products. At present, it has not only built high-quality drying projects in many areas in China, but also exported its equipment to Russia, Vietnam, Tunisia, Morocco, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. Zhengzhou Dingli can design and manufacture sawdust drying production line equipment according to customer needs, and also provide equipment installation and commissioning, project construction and other services. The sawdust drying project in cooperation with the customer this time is another sawdust drying project constructed by our company in Henan. In the construction of the project, Dingli's new process sawdust dryer equipment was applied, and the Dingli technical team also demonstrated skilled technology and rich project construction experience, which won praise from local customers. At present, the project has been officially completed and put into production. In the future, our company will continue to provide technical support and services to customers.

  Zhengzhou Dingli Biomass Drying Production Line equipment is suitable for wood chips, sawdust, sawdust, bamboo chips, shavings and other wood waste materials. The equipment can be customized and can be equipped with heat sources according to the needs of different regions. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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