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Choosing a sawdust dryer should proceed from the following perspectives

Time:2020-08-01 11:34:02     Author:dl-author

  The main function of the sawdust dryer is to dehydrate, that is, to reduce the moisture content of the sawdust. It is an equipment required by many wood processing companies, but corporate users usually have difficulties when choosing drying equipment. The reason is that there are too many common dryers on the market, such as tumble dryers, air dryers, paddle dryers, and vibrating fluidized bed dryers.

sawdust dryer

  Different types of dryers are suitable for materials of different properties. For example, the wood chip dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli adopts a three-layer rotary drying structure, which has a large processing capacity, high heat utilization rate, energy saving and environmental protection, and a small area. So how can enterprise users know that this type of equipment is suitable for their own enterprise production? It should be viewed from the following aspects.

  1. Is the dryer process practical?

  In order to fully understand and verify the characteristics of the sawdust dryer process, users can compare different types of dryer processes. For example, the paddle dryer has the advantages of small exhaust gas flow because it does not directly contact the materials, but it also has the disadvantage of large heat loss and poor drying effect on heat-sensitive and high-viscosity materials. For sawdust drying, users can only judge whether the equipment is suitable for their own enterprises after understanding the basic principles of the dryer and communicating with the manufacturer.

  2. Whether the exhaust gas treatment meets the standard

  The new type of sawdust dryer pays more attention to energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection. The “low temperature and large air volume” process adopted by Zhengzhou Dingli not only reduces heat energy consumption, but also curbs the production of harmful gases during the drying process. Combined with the “four-in-one” exhaust gas treatment technology, it saves energy and reduces consumption to a greater extent. At the same time, realize the clean and environmental protection of sawdust drying.

  3. Can the dryer manufacturer provide real cases?

  The real customer case is not only intuitive, but also enables enterprise users to better understand the structure and operation process of a complete set of sawdust dryer. It is more helpful for users to judge whether the device can meet their own needs.

  Zhengzhou Dingli provides one-to-one customized solutions for free, if you need the sawdust dryer, please contact us.

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