Carbonized furnace equipment purchased by Lebanese customers was successfully delivered

  Yesterday afternoon, news from Zhengzhou Dingli's workshop showed that the Lebanese charcoal furnace project was successfully loaded and shipped, and all work arrangements are in place. It is expected to arrive in port on time and start shipping on time.

Carbonized furnace equipment purchased by Lebanese customers was successfully delivered

  This is also the first time that Zhengzhou Dingli Carbonization Furnace products have entered Lebanon in 2020. Our company guarantees on-time production and delivery, and after-sales installation and other work will follow the progress and ensure safety.

  Environmentally-friendly drum continuous carbonation machine uses the carbonized flue gas purification into combustible gas generated in combustion itself. it can continuous product 24 hours. It has an advantages of zero pollution, zero emission, save labor, high capacity, energy-saving consumption, the high degree of automation and advanced technology. Which is suitable for large-scale production, with high carbonation rate, high carbon production rate, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency advantages.

  Our main products include charcoal making machine, rotary dryer, wood pellet machine, biomass pallet machine, dehydration machine and so on. Warmly welcome new and old customers to our factory to discuss cooperation and seek common development.

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