Korean customer inspects wood chip continuous carbonization equipment

   In December, our company welcomed Korean customers to inspect the wood chip continuous carbonization equipment. The sales manager in charge of the region warmly received and accompanied the customers to visit the production workshop on the spot. The two parties entered into in-depth exchanges and communication on project cooperation details.

Korean customer inspects wood chip continuous carbonization equipment

  Previously, our company has provided customers with detailed production line solutions based on customer needs. During the inspection, the customer intuitively and in-depth understanding of the wood chip continuous carbonization equipment, the two parties communicated in detail about the details of cooperation, and the customer has a better understanding of our carbonization equipment. After this visit, the customers are confident in the cooperation between the two sides, and hope that the two sides can start friendly cooperation as soon as possible. You can continue to log in to the Zhengzhou Dingli website to learn more about the progress of the project.

  Zhengzhou Dingli wood chip charcoal making machine uses the flue gas generated during carbonization to be purified and transformed into combustible combustion itself, which can be used continuously for 24 hours, saving labor, high output, energy consumption, high degree of automation, and suitable for large-scale production, with the advantages of high carbonization rate, high carbon production rate, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. The equipment is suitable for carbonization of various small powdery biomass biomass in forestry and agriculture. Such as: sawdust, wood blocks, bamboo shavings, coconut shell, walnut shell, apricot shell, jujube shell, cherry shell, peanut shell, rice hull, cotton stalk, wheat straw, etc. Customers who need it can come to the factory and test the machine.

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