Influence of materials on drying effect of wood chip dryer

   Dingli wood chip dryer is a widely used equipment for drying wood chips. At present, Dingli can customize equipment according to customer's production requirements. Among them, the characteristics of materials are one of the factors affecting drying equipment. In order to ensure the drying effect of the material, the technician needs to design according to the characteristics of the material, so as to ensure the drying effect.

wood chips dryer

  The size of the raw material of the wood chip material has a certain impact on the drying equipment. The unique design of Dingli wood chip dryer allows the material to be fully contacted with the hot air in the drying equipment for drying. The smaller the particle size of the material is, the larger the contact area is, and the shorter the drying time is. On the other hand, the larger the material is, the longer the drying time is. In addition, the moisture of the raw materials also has a certain impact on the dried product. For the materials with large moisture, dehydration can be carried out in the early stage, which can reduce the load on the dryer. Large moisture can sometimes lead to incomplete drying, which is not conducive to storage, and mildew and corrosion over time. Therefore, it is recommended that the moisture content of the material meet the value specified by the drying equipment.

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