Dingli coconut shell carbonization production line re-exported to Asia

   On September 12th, good news came from the sales department: Dingli signed a contract with Lebanese customers. The customer purchased our new coconut shell carbonization equipment. After the contract was signed, the friendly cooperation between the two parties was officially launched.

  The coconut shell carbonization production line purchased by the customer is a new carbonization production line equipment launched by our company according to the current customer production demand. The machine is suitable for carbonization of powdery small particle biomass in various forestry agriculture, such as: wood chips, wood blocks, bamboo chips, coconut Shell, walnut shell, apricot shell, date shell, cherry shell, peanut shell, rice husk, etc. Our company will provide customers with suitable coconut shell carbonization production line equipment according to customers' moisture content, density, particle size and carbonization depth (and volatile matter retention). Dingli coconut shell carbonization production line has large capacity and high efficiency, continuous production, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., I believe that after the project equipment is put into production, it will bring convenience to customers to deal with coconut shell.

  Zhengzhou Dingli not only sells carbonization production line equipment, but also provides coal dryer and high-humidity material dehydration and drying production line (suitable for drug residue, potato residue, brewer's grains, starch residue, bean dregs, etc.) for customers, with many specifications and models. Welcome everyone to visit our company.

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