The Indian coconut coir customers coming to visit our company

    On 17th May 2019, a group of Indian customers who did the coconut coir industry coming to visit our company,which is the second time they came to visited us,they will have the long cooperation between our company and their side.On 25th,March 2019,they have visited us for the first time,during that time,they had made a deep impressive to our company and our equipment.After they were back to India,they shared the experience to their group,and they made the second visiting at May.


    It is filled with plenty of coconut coir resource in India.Coconut coir has been widely used in many industry.Coconut shell open silk processing project: coconut fiber using coconut shell, after opening the silk, drying, packaging, then processed into shredded coconut fiber, as a traditional old natural environmental protection material, it is widely used in furniture industry, building industry, automobile industry, especially as wide application in developed and developing countries for more than 20 years.

    Coconut body is treasure, coconut water can be processed into drinks, pulp coconut oil can be made into food and processing, the inner shell can be processed into coconut carbon or crafts, outer soft shell can be processed into fibers,the rest of the nutritional soil after processing could be made from coconut chaff, as nutritional soil of crops and flowers soilless cultivation, as one of the coconut fiber and raw material products in China,it is widely used in china,which has been in short supply,and the market environment is extremely good.

    After the discussion with our company,they will buy the coconut coir drying plant from our company.We make the test of the coconut coir dehydration at our workshop for them,and they are very interested in our plants and the technique,especially the coconut coir dryer,now they use the traditional way to do the coconut drying,making the coconut coir in the sunshine,but it has many rainy days in India,they want to install a coconut coir drying plant to improve their capacity and also prevent from the rainy days.Now we did the agreement between the coconut coir drying plants,also if the plant running well,they want to be our agents of the coir dryer in India market,we hope the great and sincerely cooperation between each other. They export the coir products into Europe for many years,and we are the dryer manfacturing industry,this is the basement of the cooperation between us,we will try our best to make the cooperation between each other running smoothly because India is a place which is rich for coconut coir resources.


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