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Recently, the Shanxi Xinzhou coal slime drying production line project designed, manufactured and constructed by Zhengzhou Dingli has been installed and commissioned. During the installation process, the Dingli after-sales installation team strictly followed the equipment installation specifications to ensure that every detail was accurate. During the debugging stage, the team was even more meticulous and carried out detailed testing and adjustments on various parameters of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can achieve the best performance during the production process. It has successfully passed the trial run and has now been delivered to the customer for use.

This project is customized by our company according to the production requirements of customers and adopts a unique high-temperature hot air drying process. This process has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, and is an ideal choice for realizing coal slime drying operations. With a multi-stage dust removal system and incremental dust collection, dust emissions during the drying process can be effectively reduced, the environment can be protected and production efficiency can be improved. At the same time, this design is also conducive to reducing energy consumption, so that the entire production line can maintain a green and low-consumption operation state while achieving coal slime drying.

Dingli coal slime dryer can also be used in many industries such as ore, mineral processing, metallurgy, etc. to dry coal slime, sludge, magnetic, heavy and floating concentrates of metal and non-metallic ores.

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