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Biomass dryer is a piece of equipment specially used for drying biomass materials with high moisture content. Its main working principle is to evaporate and take away the moisture in the biomass material by heating the air in the drying room, and finally achieves the purpose of drying.

The material dryer is suitable for drying a variety of biomass materials, such as wood chips, sawdust, bamboo chips, wooden chips, wood shavings, various types of straw, potato vines, legume stems, etc. Its advantages are fast drying speed and short drying time, which can improve production efficiency; at the same time, the biomass dryer uses indirect heating, which has high drying efficiency and low energy consumption.

This biomass dryer also has the characteristics of automatic control, automatic stone and iron removal, and high thermal efficiency of self-insulation of the cylinder. It can ensure that the moisture of the dried biomass materials is uniform and stable, and impurities do not enter the subsequent processes. These characteristics make biomass dryers have broad application prospects in the field of biomass energy.

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