Delivery site: Uzbekistan coconut milk residue dryer

Recently, the coconut milk residue dryer equipment designed and produced by Zhengzhou Dingli for customers in Uzbekistan has been manufactured. After monitoring, it meets the factory conditions. It has been loaded and is ready to be shipped to the customer's site in Uzbekistan.

Dingli coconut milk residue dryer is a piece of equipment specially used to process the residue generated during the production of coconut milk. The coconut milk residue dryer is designed to quickly evaporate the excess water in the coconut milk residue through efficient hot air circulation or other drying technologies, in order to reduce its moisture content, improve storage stability and facilitate subsequent use.

Coconut milk residue dryer can convert coconut milk residue into valuable feed, fertilizer or other industrial raw materials through drying, realizing resource recycling and reducing environmental pollution. At the same time, the coconut milk residue dryer also improves the production efficiency of coconut milk processing enterprises, reduces production costs, and helps improve the economic benefits and market competitiveness of enterprises.

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