The basic structure and working principle of yeast slurry dryer

The yeast slurry drying production line is mainly composed of the drying cylinder main body, frame, transmission system, dipping device, material limiting, scraping device, dipping device, dust removal device, crushing equipment, packaging equipment, etc.

Working principle of waste yeast dryer:

Yeast dryer is a dryer that uses indirect conduction heating to heat materials and vaporize moisture, using steam for heating. The drying cylinder (drum) is a metal hollow cylinder with a processed outer surface and extremely smooth surface. Driven by the transmission device (large and small gear transmission), the drying cylinder rotates around the axis and the speed can be adjusted. The slurry is preheated in the preheating tank to about 50°C, and is fed into the immersion tank at the bottom of the drying cylinder with a feed pump. The drying cylinder is immersed about 60-80mm, and the outer surface of the rotating drying cylinder is coated with a coating. To create a uniform layer of slurry (i.e. film thickness), the steam pressure introduced into the drying cylinder is 0.15-0.3Mpa. The slurry is heated on the outer wall of the drying cylinder, and the moisture is vaporized and discharged by the axial flow fan. The drying cylinder rotates once and the material is dried. The flaked material is discharged by the scraper on the outer wall of the drying cylinder and falls to the discharge port for collection.

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