Delivery site: Ghana cassava residue drying machine

Recently, the large-scale cassava residue dryer equipment purchased by a Ghanaian customer from our company has been manufactured. After assembly and trial operation, it has met the delivery conditions and will be loaded and shipped to the customer's site.

Ghana cassava residue dryer assembly and trial operation site

Zhengzhou Dingli Potato Residue Dryer uses high-temperature drying technology to quickly dry and dehydrate potato residue, cassava residue, starch residue, potato residue and other flour residues. It uses a paddle stirring drum dryer to continuously disperse and shock clean, and is evenly heated. , can quickly reduce the moisture content of potato residue to less than 12%. Daily processing capacity: more than 20-500 tons of wet slag can be dried every day, and more than 20 tons can be customized.

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