Uruguay sand dryer successfully assembled-Dingli Group

Recently, the sand dryer cooperated by Dingli Group and the Uruguayan customer has been assembled, and will be sent to the Uruguayan customer site for installation and debugging in the near future.

sand drying system

This set of sand dryer equipment is specially developed and customized for the sand humidity meeting that customers are concerned about. The drying area greatly improves the drying efficiency and drying effect. This set of equipment also adopts an intelligent control system, which is easy to operate and high in safety. It also provides after-sales guarantee services, and customers are very relieved.

The heat source of Dingli Group's sand dryer is mainly steam waste heat, natural gas burner, coal burner, oil burner, biomass pellets, etc. Customers can choose different heat sources according to their needs. The cooperation cases of Dingli Group are distributed all over the world. There are many cooperation cases and the effect is good. Welcome to consult and inspect!

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