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Potato pomace contains carbohydrates, is a good feed for fat deposition, can do feed to feed pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and other animals. Potato dregs have high water content, long time storage may appear moldy phenomenon, to potato dregs processing and reuse, through the dehydration-fermentation-drying-molding packing and other processes, the waste potato dregs into high-value feed for poultry feeding to reduce the cost of breeding.

Potato Dregs Dryer

Potato residue dryer adopts drum type design, after dehydration of wet materials from the feeding device into the drum, in the drum under the action of the coping plate for raising and falling, so that the material is heated evenly, to complete the whole drying process. It is equipped with special dispersing device to prevent the materials from sticking to the wall in the drum and blocking the drum. The equipment has large production capacity, can work continuously for 24 hours, adopts electric control system, simple operation, low power consumption, and the dried materials have good taste.

Potato starch residue feed raw material recovery cost is low, but after processing made of mixed feed can realize the price doubled, therefore, low-cost high-yield processing of potato residue, invest in a set of sweet potato residue dryer, dehydration and drying, scientific ratios, mixing and granulation, the formation of high-quality, high nutrient, low-cost mixed feed, not only livestock intake of large amounts of feed is more green and additive-free.

Zhengzhou Dingli supply complete sets of feed drying equipment, including crushing, mixing, granulation, packing and other potato starch residue - feed production line equipment, welcome to visit our factory!


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