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Dingli brewer's yeast dryer has been successfully put into use in Algeria, bringing major technological breakthroughs and efficiency improvements to the local beer industry.

The Dingli Brewer's Yeast Dryer adopts advanced technology and process design, aiming to improve the speed and quality of yeast drying. It is able to quickly evaporate the water from the yeast while retaining its active ingredients. This key technology allows the yeast to play a better role in the beer production process and ensures that the taste and quality of the final product is optimized.


Algeria, as a market with a huge potential for beer consumption, showed a strong interest in introducing and adopting this advanced technology. After a long time of site visit and cooperation negotiation, Dingli reached an agreement with local brewing enterprises in Algeria and decided to jointly promote the popularization and application of yeast drying technology in the country.

It is understood that the production base of Dingli's beer yeast dryer in Algeria has been successfully completed and started operation. The introduction of this dryer will help to enhance the competitiveness of the customer's beer industry and increase the capacity and productivity of the brewery. Dingli said that they will continue to actively promote this advanced yeast drying technology and seek to cooperate with more countries for common development and innovation.

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