How to dry wood chips? Can wood chips be used as fuel?

Sawdust can be used as fuel . The wood chip dryer is critical to the quality and formability of wood pellet fuel.

The working principle of the sawdust dryer is as follows: the material enters the inner layer of the rotary drum from the feeding device to realize downstream drying, and the material is continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the copy board to realize heat exchange in a spiral manner, and the material moves. To the other end of the inner layer, it enters the middle layer for counter-current drying. The material is continuously and repeatedly raised in the middle layer, in a two-step forward and one-step backward mode. The material in the middle layer not only fully absorbs the heat emitted by the inner layer drum, but also absorbs the middle layer. The heat of the drum also prolongs the drying time, and the material reaches the best drying state here. The material travels to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer. The material travels in a rectangular multi-loop way in the outer drum. The material that achieves the drying effect quickly travels and exits the drum under the action of hot air. The wet material that does not achieve the drying effect cannot be fast due to its own weight. When traveling, the material is fully dried in this rectangular copy board, thereby completing the drying purpose.

Zhengzhou Dingli also has biomass fuel production line equipment, which mainly consists of wood powder machine, grading screen, dryer, granulator, cooler, baler and dust removal equipment in each process link.

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