Is Spent grain good for cattle?Dingli distiller's grain dryer manufacturer

 The dry matter of distiller's grains is mainly protein, and in addition to protein, it also contains cellulose, polypentane, ash, fat, caramel, pigment and other substances. Therefore, distiller's grains have high nutritional value as feed and are often used as livestock feed.

As cattle feed, distiller's grains have good palatability and easy digestion, and can effectively prevent rumen gas in cattle. Both liquor lees and beer lees contain a certain amount of alcohol, which is beneficial to cows lying down and regurgitating after eating, and has the positive effect of promoting fattening and shortening the slaughter rate.

Drying process of distiller's grains: The distiller's grains dryer developed by Zhengzhou Dingli can quickly pre-dehydrate the wet distiller's grains with a moisture content of about 85%, and then dry it to a dry product with a moisture content of about 10%. The distiller's grains dryer is mainly composed of a heat supply source, a feeder, a feeder, a rotary drum, a discharger, an induced draft fan, a discharger and a power distribution cabinet; Under the turning of the evenly distributed copy board, it is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air, which speeds up the drying heat and mass transfer. During the drying process, under the action of the inclined copying plate and the heat medium, the distiller's grains are discharged to the star-shaped discharge valve of the other section of the dryer to discharge the dried product.

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