The necessity of sludge drying treatment-sludge dryer

  Sludge treatment is the process of thickening, conditioning, dewatering, stabilizing, drying or incineration of sludge. With the development of my country's economy, the amount of urban wastewater discharge is increasing, and the amount of sludge produced has also increased substantially. The direct use of sludge to make fertilizer has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, low operating cost, and the organic part can be converted into soil amendment components. It is considered to be a disposal method with the most development potential.

  The sludge has a high water content before it is dried, and the remaining sludge has a water content of 99.2% to 99.5%. The water content of the sludge after passing through the thickening tank is 95 to 97%, and the water content after press filtration is about 80%. The sludge can be used as fertilizer and building materials after being dried.

  The sludge treatment production line built by Zhengzhou Dingli includes dewatering, drying and fertilizer making equipment. Today, we will mainly introduce the sludge drying equipment.

  The sludge drying system includes: heat source, drying equipment, conveying equipment, dust removal and deodorization equipment.

  Heat source ①: Adopt natural gas combustion, plus heat storage type to improve the combustion efficiency of natural gas.

  Heat source ②: Use biomass pellets, wood chips, branches, straw, coal, etc. as fuel.

  The working principle of the drying area: Patented products, scattered drum dryers are used. There is a high-speed dispersing shaft inside the dryer to disperse the viscous sludge, solve the problem of sludge viscosity, and also improve the heat exchange efficiency. Set one, two, three, four, five six drying process working areas in the dryer, the final material moisture is less than 25%, complete the entire drying process, discharged from the dryer, and enter the next process.

  Dust removal and deodorization equipment: The system adopts a four-stage dust removal and deodorization method, and a first-stage cyclone dust collector can remove dust particles in the exhaust gas. The two-stage pickling method removes odorous gas, the third-stage adopts alkaline washing method to remove the odorous gas, and the fourth-stage adopts ultraviolet decomposition method. The final odorous gas can be controlled within 2000 dimensionless.

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