Portugal beer yeast dryer machine put into production

Portugal's brewer yeast dryer machine has been put into production. JHD series beer yeast dryer is environmentally friendly drying equipment that uses steam as a clean heat source, used for drying all kinds of paste materials, especially for recycling waste yeast in the brewery. Yeast dryer is designed to use yeast, which has economic benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits. The drum of the yeast dryer is made of high-quality cast iron, which is deeply processed and polished and has the advantage of corrosion prevention and non-pollution. The design of heat conduction could largely reduce the heat loss from heat media, raising the heat efficiency to 70% and lowering the energy cost.

yeast dryer

In the fermentation process of beer production, a large amount of waste yeast will be produced. The discharge of waste yeast liquid into the water will cause a lot of pollution. The waste yeast contains high protein content and rich vitamins, which can be processed as feed protein. However, the high moisture content of raw material waste yeast liquid makes it difficult to transport and store. Therefore, the yeast dryer is essential equipment for yeast processing.

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