Shaanxi Shenmu Coal Slime Drying Production Line Installation Site

In the Shaanxi Shenmu coal slime drying project, our company provided the customers with the coal slime drying production line equipment (heat source, loading equipment, slime dryer, electric control equipment, dust removal equipment, etc.) according to the signed contract. After the equipment arrived in Shaanxi, the installation and commissioning work was started immediately. The project will be officially completed in the near future.

coal slime dryer

The coal slime has the characteristics of high humidity and high adhesion. The traditional dryer has not been able to target this feature. The special Coal Slime Dryer uses a special dispersing device to break up the bonded slime and dry it. The contact area between the slime and the hot air is increased, and the heat utilization rate is greatly improved. The dried slime can reduce the moisture to less than 12% at one time, and the dried coal slime can be directly used as a fuel, which makes the coal slime into treasure.

Dingli's new type of Coal Slime Drying System, stable equipment performance, convenient operation and maintenance, energy-saving and environmental protection, high efficiency, and favorable price. Welcome to consult online.

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