How to treat large scale municipal sewage sludge

Sludge is the industrial waste generated during the production process of municipal sewage processing. Because sludge has many disadvantages such as high moisture content, high viscosity, high water holding capacity, and low calorific value. It is difficult to achieve industrial utilization. Aiming at the current market situation of sludge treatment and the characteristics of sludge in various places, Dingli has carried out technical research and practice many times and meticulously created a new generation of sludge drum drying system. The moisture content of the dried product is less than 25%, which reaches the sludge landfill standard or Conditions for further incineration.

The new internal structure strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed material, eliminates the sticking phenomenon of the inner wall of the cylinder, and has stronger adaptability to moisture and viscosity of the material. By using the unique bulk sludge delay drying technology to ensure the uniformity of the slime drying.

sludge dryer (2).jpg

Dingli sludge drying machine has a strong capacity against overload, the capacity of dealing with large amounts of processing, less fuel consumption, and low drying cost. The technology of equipment gets absolutely mature enough, also it has a stable capacity of operation and very convenient to operate and maintain. For more information, welcome online consultation.

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