How does the forage dryer work?

    With the development of animal husbandry, the demand for pasture in quantity and quality continues to increase. The pasture dryer quickly completes the drying process of wet pasture, which not only maintains the nutrients of the fresh pasture, but also ensures the storage and transportation needs of the pasture, which greatly improves the economic benefits of customers.

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    Pasture dryers are often used to dry straw, alfalfa, wheat, sorghum and corn stalks and the stems and roots of various agricultural plants. The forage dryer adopts a high-temperature drying method, which can reduce the moisture content of the forage with 75% of the moisture content to less than 10% after a certain period of time. The drying process will not reduce the quality of the forage. Compared with traditional dryer equipment, Dingli’s new pasture dryer has more stable drying performance and better drying effect. The new combined lifting device is used to not only dry pasture, but also to sawdust, sawdust and other slag materials.

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