0407 Zhejiang bentonite drying production line installation completed

    Zhejiang Bentonite Drying Production Line Project Our company built a bentonite dryer project. After 3 months of production and installation, the project has been officially put into production.

    The bentonite dryer is mainly used for the drying of various clays such as bentonite, kaolin, aluminum and iron clay, and solves some problems of sticking, crushing, drying and drying. Therefore, Dingli Group successfully launched the bentonite drying according to this development direction. Machine, serve the society.

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    The bentonite dryer can adapt to various fuels such as coal, oil, gas, etc. At present, the fluidized boiler is favored by users due to its convenient operation, energy saving, environmental protection, and easy purchase of raw materials. Some manufacturers also choose natural gas or coal gas generators for conversion, and the gas is burned for a second time to achieve the drying effect. It conforms to the country's policy of creating an environment-friendly and resource-saving society and is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving product that replaces traditional drying equipment.

    Dingli Group is mainly engaged in various dehydration and drying equipment, which is suitable for various heavy and light materials. Interested customers are welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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