Shandong seaweed residue dryer equipment officially put into production

    The seaweed residue drying equipment purchased by the Shandong customer from our company has been tested after installation and commissioning. The customer is satisfied with the effect of the equipment test. The black algae residue dryer for this project has been officially put into production. The following are the staff The shot of Shandong black algae residue dryer equipment on-site pictures.

The black algae residue drying equipment.jpg

    Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale dryer equipment manufacturer with 20 years of experience in drying project construction. Shandong customers formally appreciate our mature product series and rich project experience, and choose to cooperate with our company to create black algae residue drying. In the process of project construction, the meticulous work attitude of Dingli people has also won the recognition and praise of customers. After the equipment is put into production, our company will continue to provide follow-up technical support and other after-sales services.

    Zhengzhou Dingli's technical team designs the drying project plan, designs and manufactures equipment one-to-one according to the needs of customers, and also provides turnkey projects such as equipment installation and commissioning. Currently, coal dryers and feed dryers are launched according to the characteristics of materials , Dregs dryer, biomass fuel dryer, mineral soil, slag drying equipment, etc., welcome to call 15324961622 for equipment consultation.

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