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What can sawdust dryer bring to wood processing enterprises?

Time:2020-09-16 11:51:32     Author:dl-author

  Sawdust dryer is one of the core equipment for the development of biomass energy. As far as the customer is concerned, in addition to the price and quality of the equipment, the sales and profit of wood chips fuel after drying and forming are also the focus of attention of customers. As one of the drying equipment sold in the market, what kind of help and benefits can the Dingli sawdust dryer bring to wood processing enterprises?

sawdust dryer

  First, after the wood chips are dried, they are mainly made of pellet fuel, which has high economic value. Generally speaking, wet wood chips with a moisture content of about 45% can be quickly reduced to 10%-12% after being dried by a dryer. In the drying process, the heat exchange is sufficient, the energy consumption is low, and the quality of the compressed wood pellets is high. The market price is several times the recycling price of waste wood and sawdust, and the profit is higher.

  Secondly, the role of sawdust after drying is supplemented by dehumidification, organic fertilizer or plant culture organic matter. For example, if you put sawdust in a pig pen, you can remove the moisture and keep the pig pen clean and hygienic. After fermentation, they are still good organic fertilizers.

  Advantages of Dingli sawdust dryer:

  1. Low energy consumption: due to indirect heating, the outer wall of the dryer is equipped with an insulation layer, so there is no large amount of air to take away heat.

  2. Low cost of use: the unit effective volume has a large heat transfer surface, which shortens the heat transfer time, reduces the size of the equipment, and greatly reduces the construction area and space.

  3. Low pollution: the dust material entrainment is small, and the material solvent evaporation is small, which is easy to handle.

  4. A wide range of processing materials: using differential heat media, it can process both heat-sensitive materials and materials that require high-temperature processing.

  5. The operation is unchanged: the material particles are abundant, and the temperature, humidity, and mixing degree of the material are small in the axial interval, thereby ensuring the invariance of the process.

  6. Simple maintenance: low-speed mixing and internal layout, low abrasion and low maintenance cost.

  Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional manufacturer of sawdust dryers with more than 15 years of experience, if you are interested, please contact us.

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