Anhui Petroleum Coke Dryer Project Installation Site

   The large-scale petroleum coke drying equipment purchased by Anhui customers in our company has arrived at its destination, and the installation process began yesterday. The following is a picture sent back by the staff from the scene:

Anhui Petroleum Coke Dryer Project Installation Site

  Different types and sizes of drum dryers have different operating environments and drying materials, and different installation technical requirements and planning. Large-scale drying equipment installation procedures are more detailed, and the installation of the equipment is related to the product quality and production safety of the entire drying equipment. Petroleum coke dryer is a set of large-scale drum dryer installed by our company. The equipment is equipped with complete configuration, good operability and advanced configuration in each production link, and the whole production process is more convenient and efficient.

  Zhengzhou Dingli is a large manufacturer specializing in the development of various types of dryers, adhering to the principles of excellent quality and service-oriented, and strives to build a major brand in the domestic and foreign dryer markets.

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