Advantages of mineral slag dryer

The mineral slag dryer is a rotary dryer, which mainly consists of a rotary cylinder, air induction equipment, high-speed dispersing equipment, and a lifting plate. The mineral slag dryer has reasonable design, excellent production, stable performance, advanced technology, high output, low energy consumption, small footprint and high degree of mechanization.

Mineral slag dryers are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemicals, cement and other industries. They can be used to dry mineral slag, carbide slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water slag and other materials.

Advantages of mineral slag dryer:

1. The processing capacity is relatively large, the overload resistance is strong, the thermal efficiency is high, the coal consumption is reduced by about 20%, and the drying cost is directly reduced. The large and small transmission gears use pin-replaceable gears, which replace the traditional cast steel gears, saving cost investment and greatly reducing maintenance costs and time.

2. In order to achieve the best drying effect during design, the downstream drying method is adopted. The material and heat source air flow enter the drying equipment from the same side. The outlet temperature of the dryer is low and the thermal efficiency is high.

3. Innovation has been achieved in the internal structure, which strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of dispersed materials and eliminates the sticking phenomenon on the inner wall of the cylinder.

4. The use of new feeding and discharging devices eliminates clogging, discontinuity, unevenness and return of materials in the slag dryer, reducing the load on the dust removal system for you. This equipment has made many technical innovations in the lifting device system, especially the use of a new multi-combination lifting device, which overcomes the "wind tunnel" phenomenon of traditional dryers.

5. It can meet the particle size and moisture requirements of different users for slag materials after drying.

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