Working Principle Of Screw Press Dehydrator

    The screw press dehydrator is suitable for distiller’s grains, medicine residues, soy sauce residues, vinegar grains, kitchen waste and other materials. It can quickly remove the moisture of the materials. Zhengzhou Dingli currently has launched a spiral that can process dozens of tons to hundreds of tons per day. Dehydration equipment, today I will share with you the working principle and process flow of the Dingli screw press dehydrator.


    After the speed regulating motor of the screw press dehydrator runs normally, the material is evenly added from the feeding box, and the material after entering the machine is driven by the spiral rotating blade to move forward in the axial direction. The effect is to form a huge squeezing force, so that the material is mechanically dehydrated under the action of external force. The water is discharged through the screen at the water outlet, and the dehydrated material is discharged at the discharge box.

    Zhengzhou Dingli spiral dewatering equipment has been used in many projects. At present, it is summer that many high-humidity materials are more prone to corruption, so they need to be handled in time. Customers who need it can purchase Dingli spiral dewatering equipment, which is directly provided by Dingli equipment manufacturers at preferential prices.

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