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The large-scale vegetable waste drying project that Zhengzhou Dingli cooperated with Zhejiang customers has been completed installation. At present, the equipment has been put into production.

Dingli vegetable residue dryer mainly adopts a high-efficiency stirring drum drying process and utilizes the principle of efficient direct heat exchange evaporation. After mechanical dehydration, the vegetable residue material enters the feeding bin and is transported to the dryer. The internal lifting mechanism Under the action, a material curtain is formed that is evenly heated and quickly evaporates water. The heat medium conducts heat exchange to the maximum extent and efficiently organizes the material to run to the discharge end. During this period, the temperature of the material will change with the change of the drying area, thereby ensuring that the material is not mushy. Not burnt, good taste and good color. The equipment is mainly used for rapid dehydration and drying of rotten leaves of vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli stems and leaves, and plant root residues. It can also be used for pasture drying, distiller's grain drying, sawdust drying and other fields.

Dingli Vegetable Waste Drying Sysem Our company can optimize drying technology and equipment selection and configuration services according to diffirent raw material's characteristics, production scale, quality requirements, application requirements, cost control, automation level, and site conditions. Welcome to consult online.

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