Specification Input Capacity(t/d) Output(t/d) Raw Material Moisture(%) Dried Material Moisture(%) Total Power(kw) Area
DLJG1208 36.0 18.0 65±5% 15%(adjustable) 32 5m*14m
DLJG1408 43.2 21.6 40 5m*14m
DLJG1610 62.4 31.2 55 6m*16m
DLJG1910 72.0 36.0 75 8m*16m
DLJG2010/3 139.2 69.6 95 8m*16m
DLJG2210/3 153.6 76.8 100 8m*16m
DLJG2510/3 177.6 88.8 125 10m*16m
DLJG2512/3 216.0 108.0 145 10m*18m
DLJG2912/3 261.6 130.8 165 10m*20m

  The pomace dryer is suitable for drying pomace, apple pomace, pineapple peel, citrus pulp, olive pomace, avocado pulp, orange peel, mango peel, etc. Dingli Company optimizes drying technology and equipment selection and configuration services based on the characteristics of the pomace. Dingli olive pomace dryer has large output, high efficiency and energy saving, small footprint, and saves 30-50% energy than ordinary dryers, saving energy and drying costs to the greatest extent. The dried pomace has good color, no paste, low nutritional loss and aromatic smell, which can effectively increase animal feed intake.


pomace  dryer


   Pomace dryer is mainly composed of drum crushing dryer, combustion furnace, feeding screw, discharging screw, conveying pipeline, dust collector, air shutoff device, induced draft fan, control cabinet, etc.

Paper Pulp Drying Plant

Paper Pulp Drying Plant

Brewer Spent Grain Dryer

Brewer Spent Grain Dryer

Beer Yeast Drum Dryer

Beer Yeast Drum Dryer


  After the dehydrated wet pomace enters the dryer, it is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air under the flipping of the evenly distributed lifting plates in the drum, which accelerates drying heat transfer and mass transfer. During the drying process, the pomace is discharged to the star-shaped discharge valve in the other section of the dryer under the action of the inclined lifting plate and the heat medium to discharge the dried product.


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